Terms And Conditions

Ownership of the Franchise

Will be managed by private or joint ownership

Location of the franchise:




Divisional units

Structural Formulation:
Each center for each subject/trade/course has to have the arrangement to accommodate a minimum number of 10 (ten) students/trainees with subjective facilities such as ; Lab, workshop, gender base toilets, autistic support etc.

Continuous electricity support is mandatory. Backup power support through generator and solar system has to be ensured.

Required appliance/tools have to be managed to accommodate a minimum number of 10 trainees/students for each subject/trade/course; exactly as per the CAD (Course Accreditation Documents) guidelines.

Fire prevention Facility:
Fire prevention facility has to be maintained in order to control any unexpected fire spread.

Sufficient furniture arrangements have to be ensured for both office and training purposes; and a list of managed furniture has to be submitted with the application form

Assessment subsidiary tools:
In order to manage the assessment works required tools, equipment, computers and other subjective arrangements have to be ensured as per the CAD guideline